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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School

Music Technology

The Level 2 Music Technology course is designed for those Key Stage 4 pupils who are interested in music and the music industry and wish to develop and practice skills using a variety of sound equipment and software. To deliver the course the school has invested in a purpose built recording studio and a suite of Mac computers running both GarageBand and Logic software.

The course is very practical and most of the learning is achieved through hands on experience.

The course is made up of four different units and each unit has a set of learning outcomes that you need to provide evidence that you have achieved. Learning outcomes are either skills, things that you have to show you can do, or knowledge, things that you have to prove you have learnt.

You will be able to build up evidence for learning outcomes through the practical projects you will complete and by keeping a portfolio folder of your evidence.

Unit 1: Using a Digital Audio Workstation In this unit you will develop skills in operating a DAW, demonstrate editing skills using software and hardware tools and create a project which includes audio and MIDI tracks.
Unit 2: Creating Music  In this unit you will analyse stylistic elements of music, develop a composition based on a studied style and demonstrate technical/creative processes.
Unit 3: Studio Recording  In this unit you will undertake a studio recording for a given scenario, consider microphone use/placement/type and plan/undertake recording and create a stereo mix.
Unit 4: Sound Creation  In this unit you will explore different kinds of media, methods of sound creations and create an original sound creation project.

 Assessment is a continual process on this course and you will be constantly working towards achieving learning outcomes.

Sources of evidence in your portfolio folder may include recordings, video footage, written reports or teacher observations. Organising your portfolio is your responsibility so you need to be a well organised person who can work independently as well as part of a team.