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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School

Global Citizenship

Citizenship is all about you and the role you play in the world. It is about your rights and responsibilities, your actions and decisions and the impact you can have on the right here and right now. In Global Citizenship you will be asked your point of view on a variety of issues, questioned on your opinion on various issues and encouraged to use your voice!

Find out about each Key Stage in Global Citizenship:

KS3 Citizenship (and PSHEe)

At Key Stage 3 pupils are introduced to their role as Global Citizens. Pupils investigate what it means to be a part of the global community as well as the role they play as an individual. Concepts such as identity and belonging as well as similarities and differences between cultures are explored before evaluating whether or not we really are members of a global village. As a result, Year 7 pupils will participate in a group task called Phoenix Park. The purpose of this activity is to provide pupils will an understanding of how a local community functions. Pupils will go through the process of planning a recreational park which will require them to understand how the local council works and how as individuals they can make a contribution to their local community. They will develop their citizenship skills to put together a campaign to develop waste land. Next the pupils will look at PSHEe issues based around puberty, healthy living, bullying and homophobic language. Then there is a return to Citizenship to underpin the reasons for Community Cohesion through the enforcement of laws.

Year 8 launches with Careers Education and the Decision Making process. Pupils will explore Crime and Punishment in the UK and debate a key issue that of the criminal age of responsibility. Once again there will be a return to PSHEe and this time looking at issues related to Smoking and Alcohol. In Year 8 pupils will look at Pressure Groups, understanding the difference between direct and indirect action and there will be an opportunity for them to be Active Citizens!

At the start of Year 9 pupils follow a short Careers Education unit of study to get them thinking about post 16 options and, indirectly, their subject pathway. Firstly, they will discover the post 16 options available to them, followed by researching their ideal job and finally they will learn that jobs fall into families. Year 9 pupils will return to Citizenship programme and are introduced to Democracy and the role of Parliament in the UK; detailed study of how laws are passed and MPs are elected will help pupils gain a greater understanding of how this country is run – who knows perhaps the future Prime Minister is in Year 9! Furthermore, they will learn about the Electoral System as future voters. This then leads in to examining What is the European Union? In the last term we cover PSHEe in the form of Relationships and Sexual Health.

KS4 Citizenship 

At Key Stage 4 pupils can opt to take GCSE Citizenship Studies. Citizenship is the gateway to making the most out of life after Deer Park. It fits brilliantly with other GCSE choices whether they are academic, sporting or creative. It supports and extends the learning across the curriculum and can help give the 'X factor' when pupils leave school. It provides pupils with the world knowledge that employers and colleges look for to set the individual apart from other pupils. It also helps give a context to all other subjects, making the activities in the classroom have a meaning other than just getting a good grade. Most of all it gives pupils the opportunity to make a difference in the world in which they live! 

Pupils follow the OCR GCSE specification GCSE Citizenship Studies J270:

Democracy and government

  • Democracy, elections and voting in the UK
  • National, local, regional and devolved government
  • British Constitution
  • The role of the media and free press
  • Politics beyond the UK.

Citizenship participation in democracy and society

  • Citizen participation in democracy and society.

Rights, the law and the legal system in England and Wales

  • Rights and responsibilities
  • The law
  • The legal system (England and Wales).

The UK and its relations with the wider world

  • The UK and its relations with the wider world
  • Identities and diversity in UK society.

The economy, finance and money

  • The economy, finance and money.

Citizenship in perspective (01)

50 Marks
50 minutes
Written paper – Multiple Choice

25% of total GCSE

Citizenship in action (02)
Rights, the law and the legal system in England and Wales (Section 1)
Democracy and government (Section 2)
Citizenship Action (Section 4)

100 Marks
1 hour 45 minutes
Written paper

50% of total GCSE

Our rights, our society, our world (03)
Rights, the law and the legal system in England and Wales
(Section 1)
The UK and the wider world (Section 3)

50 Marks
1 hour
Written paper

25% of total GCSE


In Year 11 all pupils follow a Citizenship programme of study which includes Media, Human Rights, Politics and Punishment. This provides the pupils with an understanding of these issues on a local, national and international level. It is an excellent foundation for post 16 courses.