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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School

Global Citizenship

Citizenship is all about you and the role you play in the world. It is about your rights and responsibilities, your actions and decisions and the impact you can have on the right here and right now. Global Citizenship is embedded within the curriculum and you will be asked your point of view on a variety of issues, questioned on your opinion on various issues and encouraged to use your voice!

Through PSHEe (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education) pupils develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to manage their lives, now and in the future. We help pupils learn how to stay healthy, safe and prepared for life and work. In Key Stage 3 and 4, pupils have one PSHEe lesson a fortnight.



Pupils in Key Stage 3 receive at least two lessons from our Schoolbeat officer, PC Davis. Currently, Year 7 are on Grooming and Drugs, including alcohol, Year 8 on Sexting and Exploitation and then, Year 9 on County Lines and Domestic Violence.

KS4 Citizenship

In Year 11, after the majority of pupils have sat the GCSE RP Short Course in Year 10, all pupils follow a Citizenship programme of study which includes Media, Human Rights, Politics and Punishment. This provides the pupils with an understanding of these issues on a local, national and international level. It is an excellent foundation for post 16 courses. The pupils are rotated around the different members of the team.