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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School


As an all ability comprehensive School we fundamentally believe that all pupils should be entered for national examinations in the courses they have followed up to the age of 16. The flexibility within our curriculum structure at Key Stage 4 enables pupils to follow appropriate courses and us to enter them for examinations at different times.

The school will bear the cost of all exam entries for courses which are being studied at the school (excluding music instrument and/or theory exams). The school reserves the right to pass the cost of exam entries to parents where the pupil has failed to undertake their studies towards the exam or fails to attend the exam without good reason.

Exam Timetables 

Pupils in Key Stage 4 who are entered for external exams will receive an individual timetable for their exams. If you have any questions about exam entries or the exam policies shown below please contact

Important Information

We encourage all parents/carers of Year 10 and Year 11 pupils to carefully study the documents linked below, to ensure that Candidates can achieve their very best.

The Information for Candidates and Warning to Candidates documents contain the rules for all pupils attending external examinations. We expect all pupils to follow these rules for their Mock exams. The Information for Candidates – Controlled Assessments explains how pupils should prepare coursework, ensuring that they stay within the rules regarding assistance and plagiarism. The Internal Appeals Procedures explains the school’s internal process in the event that a pupil or parent wishes to appeal against the procedures used in internal assessment of exam work.

Please make time to read these and discuss with your son/daughter. We expect all exam candidates to know and adhere strictly to the rules. The Exams Boards will routinely disqualify candidates who break the rules.

Useful Links 


Exams Statutory Documents:

Information for candidates.